AZFMR’s Campaign To LEGALIZE Marijuana is Put On Hold Until 2020

Legalize Mariuana Arizona

Based on the number of Petitions that we now bring in each week, our Campaign leadership has concluded that we must put the AZFMR Campaign to Legalize Marijuana on hold until 2020.

Our entire Campaign would like to sincerely say THANK YOU to our 200+ Volunteers and the 100+ Arizona Businesses who have helped us collect all of these signatures for our 2016 Campaign!

We would also like to give another big THANK YOU to each and every person and business who contributed financially to our Campaign to Legalize Marijuana! Despite not making the 2016 ballot, we truly believe that this 2016 Campaign was a SUCCESS!

In the meantime, AZFMR is going to launch a NEW Campaign to encourage all Arizonans to Vote NO on the MPP 2016 Initiative.

(If you previously made a financial contribution to our “Campaign to Legalize Marijuana”, that money stays with THAT Campaign. If you want to make a financial contribution to the Vote NO Campaign, you will need to make a new contribution.)

In addition to doing the Vote NO Campaign, AZFMR will also be working to persuade the Arizona Legislature to pass our Marijuana Decriminalization bill prior to the vote in November 2016.

We only get 1 chance to pass a Marijuana Legalization bill in Arizona, so we MUST do it right the first time!

Our Campaign leadership is very excited to continue working with all of our AZFMR supporters as we transition into the Vote NO Campaign and then quickly transition back into the AZFMR Marijuana Legalization Campaign!

On behalf of all Arizonans, Thank You all so much for standing up for what’s right!