Ohio Marijuana Supporters Vote NO To Marijuana Oligopolies

This week, 65% of Ohio Voters chose to VOTE NO on “Issue 3“, a Recreational AND Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative that would have created an Oligopoly for the investors who paid for the Initiative.Ohio Marijuana Polling Results

Polling in Ohio showed that 52% of Voters supported Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational use.

Polling in Ohio showed that 84% of Voters overwhelmingly supported Legalizing Marijuana for Medical use.

Since the margin by which Issue 3 lost is so disproportionate to the Marijuana Legalization polling results, we firmly believe that Ohioans voted NO to Issue 3 primarily because of the Oligopoly issue.

In fact, numerous Media Outlets were interviewing voters at the Polls to ask how they Voted on “Issue 3”; Numerous voters who support Marijuana Legalization outright said that they chose to VOTE NO on Issue 3 only because of the Oligopoly issue!

Back here in Arizona, MPP’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol initiative is proposing to create a VERTICAL OLIGOPOLY for the existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Arizona.

It's note a vote against weed, it's a vote against greed
Marijuana Consumers in Ohio made a big statement this week, by voting NO on a Marijuana Initiative which would have allowed for a select few to control the Marijuana Market.

In MPP’s Arizona Initiative, ONLY the existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are guaranteed to receive ANY TYPE of Marijuana Business License.

We hope that MPP has learned from Ohio’s mistakes and will soon realize that Arizona Voters will NOT support an “Investor Driven” Marijuana Legalization Initiative that ONLY benefits the financial interests of the INVESTORS and does not protect the Marijuana Consumers.

MPP still has time to do the right thing, just as they did in Maine.

It’s not too late for MPP to join forces with AZFMR to support the ‪#‎AZFMR‬ Initiative instead!

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