The Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana is planning to introduce a ballot initiative to Legalize Marijuana in Arizona.


“The Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana Act”


With the help of more than 200+ Volunteers and 100+ Businesses, our 2016 Marijuana Legalization Campaign was able to collect roughly 120,000 signatures in a matter of only 11 months!

Despite not making the 2016 ballot, we truly believe that our 2016 Campaign was a huge SUCCESS!

THANK YOU to all of our Volunteers and supporting Businesses who helped us in 2016!!

We’ve officially begun the process of accepting suggestions from the public for potential changes to our next Marijuana Legalization Initiative.

Once the new Initiative is completed, our army of volunteers and supporting businesses will begin collecting signatures to get our Initiative onto the ballot!

Our Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Initiative will include all 3 aspects of marijuana legalization;


We understand that Arizona Marijuana Consumers do NOT support a Marijuana law that encompasses only TAX AND REGULATION. That’s not REAL Marijuana Legalization.

If you would like to Volunteer to collect signatures to Legalize Marijuana in AZ or would like to Donate Financially, please Contact Us as soon as possible!

If you also support REAL Marijuana Legalization in Arizona, will you please support the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana?