2 Different Marijuana Bills In Arizona?

Tucson Weekly Marijuana

Friends and Supporters of AZFMR’s Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana,

First and foremost, Thank You for supporting our Campaign to Legalize Marijuana!

While traveling around Arizona, the most common question we get from people is:


Why are there 2 DIFFERENT Marijuana Campaigns in Arizona?!?

The short answer:

Our AZFMR Campaign to LEGALIZE Marijuana Initiative was written by long-time Arizona Marijuana Activists and was specifically written to protect Marijuana CONSUMERS.

The “other” Campaign to REGULATE Marijuana Initiative was written by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary owners and not surprisingly, it ONLY protects the Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary owners and does NOT protect Marijuana Consumers.

(Please check out the Arizona Marijuana Initiative Comparison Chart.)

The detailed answer:

María Inés Taracena, a journalist over at the Tucson Weekly, recently wrote a Feature Cover Story to answer the ultimate question for readers:

Why exactly are there 2 Marijuana Campaigns in Arizona?!?

Please click here to read the TUCSON WEEKLY article explaining why there are 2 different Marijuana Campaigns in Arizona!

On behalf of all Arizonans, Thank You for supporting the right Campaign!

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