Comparison Chart

  • Kenneth Moore

    Definitely a AZFMR guy. The MPP one has tlk many downsides.

  • I pray to God for legal weed with unlimited growing

  • Sam Fox

    I’m with Tim Ley! AMEN!
    I am so disappointed by MPP. I canceled my link to their mailings.
    Gee thanks WR Hurst. Look at the fine mess your prohibition of cannabis has gotten US in. Lots of blood on that man’s hands.


  • Yopu

    I wouldn’t unsubscribe from MPP just on the differences. They have good electronic petitions and information about the movement! I, personally, think MPP’s initiative sounds more rational from a conservative point of view; the point to deter dealers is strong and I believe that’s perfectly fine. The concentrate limits I’m not sure about, but an ounce vs. 5 grams is VERY different in volume. I’m just so excited that there’s TWO petitions going for legalization this fall! Woo!